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The Paso del Norte Foundation and El Paso Center for Diabetes needed help to raise awareness about diabetes in the Paso del Norte region. The project consisted of identifying what aspect of diabetes they wanted to focus on, choosing a target audience and designing a strategy to promote the initiative. After thorough research, it was decided to focus on those newly diagnosed and the goal would be to provide them with the tools needed to start their diabetes journey with confidence. We wanted to provide this community with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their new diabetes diagnosis.  

We created a website that served as the center of the campaign to give access to helpful resources for diabetes management. The website includes a directory, educational sheets and videos. The campaign was to be launched with a runway event where local diabetes champions would be highlighted as role models for the rest of the community.  

The goal of this campaign was to provide a hopeful outlook on a diabetes diagnosis and remind those being diagnosed that they are not alone in this journey. 

Project Management
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