– Brand Strategy

– Brand Collateral

– Creative & Art Direction

– Web Design

– Illustration

– Mural Design & Painting


Project Management:


Client wanted to open the first self-pour bar/restaurant in El Paso, TX. The concept was unique and new to the region. They needed help recognizing who their target audience would be and how to appeal to them correctly. The company also needed to establish who they were as a business and how they wanted to be positioned in the market. We recognized their direct competitors and made sure we shaped a brand that would make them stand out.

Once the brand strategy was established, we developed a visual identity that highlighted their unique brand traits and made them stand out from their competitors.

From there, we gave life to the brand with a website and multiple social media platforms, as well as, merchandise, signage and many more deliverables.

The owners also allowed us to design some elements to decorate the walls and I had the opportunity to hand paint the designs with 2 other helpers.